Date:January 10, 2014

Testimony of Winner Group partner

Nick Bard

Nick Bard, Partner de Winner Group

I’m Nick Bard. I am an engineer hydro power enginner, living in Wales. I worked as a volunteer in Togo during 2012.

I met Marie Amétépé in Agome Yoh  and she explained her work with Winner Group. I was very impressed by her and the other women. They have identified problems in their own community and decided to fight to improve their society. These courageous women are not afraid to speak publicly about issues that are often taboo. They educate the public about the problems of violence against women, gender equality etc. They also provide a great deal of support at an individual level for women suffering a wide range of problems including domestic violence, health problems, neglect and disinheritance.

The work has been ongoing since 2009 and has:

·        Helped many women speak openly of the difficulties they face for the first time

  • Brought incidents of domestic violence to the attention of the village chief resulting in domestic violence ceasing in that household
  • Forced families to provide medical treatment for injuries obtained during incidents of domestic violence and for gynaecological/obstetric problems obtained through sexual abuse or childbirth
  • Helped many women obtain birth certificates and identity cards who would otherwise be legally invisible
  • Helped one woman, Akou Tete, to gain a fair inheritance which had otherwise been denied

I decided to work with them to raise funds. In 2012 I did a sponsored walk, the Walk for Women Togo. With the proceeds from this we did a project to fight violence against women in seven villages in the prefecture of Kloto, Togo. I continue to raise funds to allow other projects to happen. This website was paid for using funds from a charity auction at Tafarn Dwynant, Ceinws, Machynlleth in May 2013.